Stephen Kenn

Los Angeles

About Stephen Kenn

Los Angeles based designer Stephen Kenn has long been inspired by clean and simple design aesthetics and the stories inherent in vintage military fabrics. In 2011 he combined those two loves by creating The Inheritance Collection. The collection was the result of an exploration of how furniture is constructed, and then a desire to distill the process down to the barest bones. Likening the process of furniture construction to the way the human body is constructed, the frame, belts, and cushions became the bones, muscles, and skin of each piece.

Since then Stephen has continued to design, releasing The Encounter Collection in 2013, a men's leather travel bag collection that was inspired by the life lessons that a father leaves to his son.

Stephen designs and manufactures in Los Angeles, following his curiosity to new ventures, in both product and space design. Using sustainable materials and practicing responsible manufacturing are essential parts of Stephen's work, and further support his design philosophy:

"Good design should embody the simplest, most functional form and the materials used should tell stories from the past and wear well into the future"